We practice a specialized form of chiropractic care called the Gonstead Technique. This technique was developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead who, in his 55 years of practice, had the largest chiropractic clinic of his time in Mount Horeb, WI. He became so well known that he built a 29,000 square foot chiropractic facility to accommodate patients from all over the country and world. He later built a hotel behind his practice where patients from other states and countries could stay during their chiropractic care.

Dr. Gonstead was a revolutionary in the way he changed our understanding of the mechanism of subluxation. But also he understood that subluxation was a complex rather than a single entity and therefore expanded a chiropractic system that analyzed a patient’s problem through multiple diagnostic criteria and correlation of findings resulting in the most accurate possible diagnosis of a patient’s specific problem. Dr. Gonstead applied his knowledge as a mechanical engineer to the biomechanics of the spine which results in a more gentle and effective form of chiropractic care.

Less than 3% of the chiropractors in Wisconsin specialize in the Gonstead Technique.